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Tentative tutorial - Char design pt 1 by SylvesterHansen
Tentative tutorial - Char design pt 1
I drew this as a part of my tentative tutorial series on youtube. the piece is supposed to give me some options in terms of what design I want for this particular character, a character which is yet to be completely determined. 
you can see the video here:
super speedpainting funtimes by SylvesterHansen
super speedpainting funtimes

As a part of my new years resolution, I vowed that I would draw a bit more often and become better at being consistent, in the way that I once was. I plan to uphold that resolution, and to that effect, we have super speedpainting funtimes.

super speedpainting funtimes (or SSF as it will be known from this moment onwards) is a facebook group which challenges you to spend an hour drawing o of 6 subjects that they present for the day. Unlike the daily spitpaint, the subjects on SSF have no restriction. You may use any tool at your disposal to create whatever you which, this is both great and quite daunting. 

The theme that I chose for today was a magma planet terrain vehicle. I was immediately inspired by deep sea fish and anything else which lives under harsh conditions, which is why I ended up with this fish design. I hope you enjoy it.  

inquisition by SylvesterHansen
I have never been a large fan of the dungeons and dragons obsession within the gaming community. son’t get me wrong, I understand the alure of magic and I appreciate the fantasy of it all, but there is something in the Tolkien sensibility of it all, which has just never quite appealed to me. 

That is until I had the immense pleasure of playing the newest entry in Bioware’s gaming series, dragon age; Inquisition. 

There is something quite captivating about a world which is set in a distant (and a distant past), which doesn’t default back to the grey “game of thrones” colour scheme and the drab power struggle of noblemen of the time. 

That is not to say that there aren’t grey vistas and drab power struggles to be found in dragon age inquisition, but they are outweighed by fun character exploration and gorgeous colourful scenes, which will take your breath away. 

To me, one of the best aspects of this dichotomy, is the playing cards that are displayed through the game. These are illustrations, which help you distinguish party members, tell you stories bout the world or clue you into to an action you can take. they are all gorgeous and I wanted to pay homage to them.

Which is why I give you, the guardian of the fruit tree

TENTATIVE TUTORIALS - first episode by SylvesterHansen

This is a piece I did as a part of a small video game project that I am working (as the video suggest), but it also marks the first episode of my new tutorial series, which I have entitled “Tentative Tutorials”.

These videos will come out twice a week for the foreseeable future. I hope to be able to teach some people some stuff and make the internet a slightly more varied place, by adding my voice to it.

Yep, it's that time of year again. The time that you (or in this case I) make an unrealistic promise to yourself to better yourself i the year to come.
This year I am revising an old resolution from 2011, to upload a drawing a day. this went pretty well in 2011 where I postet daily pictures 11 out of 12 months; and the one moth I did not post daily I was in china where their access to the internet was a bit limited.
Here is hoping that I can hold myself to this new/old regime


Sylvester Hansen
My name is Sylvester. I am a design student at Kolding design school.
Through all of 2011 I have been blogging on a site called which chronicled my obsessive need to start a career in animation.
As it turned out though, throughout 2011 I found out that animation may not be all it is cracked up to be and that it may not be the field for me.
That is why I have created this blog, to try and find out where in the creative world I belong one project at a time.
I hope you will follow along with me on my, sure to be, tumultuous journey.

Sylvester A. Hansen

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